Clannad After Story – Episode 8

After Sunohara pretended to be the great Miyazawa Kazuto, the guys from the other gang take action. They are pretty sure that Kazuto is back from hospital, because three of them were beaten up horribly. The fact that they got beaten up by a girl remains hidden before them.

Meanwhile, Tomoya is doing strange things with other girl right before Nagisa’s eyes. But as expected, Nagisa doesn’t mind. Poor Tomoya. Wouldn’t you feel depressed if your girlfriend didn’t feel jealous in a situation like that. Fortunately for him, Nagisa eventually becomes a little jealous.

Back to the main point. Yukine tries to convince the other gang to stop fighting, but fails horribly. She agrees on a match between gang leaders, meaning that her brother is supposed to fight, although she knows he can’t. The one who caused the misunderstanding has to take the responsibilty on himself, so Sunohara is going to get thrashed.

A few moments before the fight, Nagisa pulls out a secret snack, Rainbow bread made by Sanae-san and jam made by her good friend. Sunohara and gang members bite in it once, and then each of them falls dead. Tomoya is the only one who’s remain alive, because he knew the power of Sanae’s bread and didn’t have one.

The jam was a crossover with Kanon. Akiko’s jam was known to be lethal so in the combination with Sanae’s bread a ultimate weapon is created. Why didn’t anyone tell them that they should have give it as a present to the other gang members?

After that, Tomoya goes as a replacement of Sunohara-Kazuto. The fight continues for a very long time. Then, Kazuto shows up, but gets a punch from the other gang’s boss. Mask falls and the real identity of that “Kazuto” is revealed. It’s noone else but Yukine. She couldn’t bear watching other people getting hurt and she would rather be hurt herself, that’s why she decided to do that.

The real Kazuto is actually already dead. Yukine takes everybody to his grave and tells them his last wish, the peace between the rival gangs. This wish eventually comes true and Yukine is very content. In the very end of the episode, Tomoya sees a mysterious light falling down from the sky. It’s most likely the same thing that can be seen in the other world. 

It was a very good and very touching episode with a lot of sorrowful moments. Tomoya had to fight to protect his friends again, and Sunohara failed to accomplish anything, again (as usual). The crossover with Kanon was hilarious and certainly pleased a lot of Key fans. Would anyone of you dare to try this radioactive food?