Clannad After Story – Episode 9

This episode was very very touching. It was definitely one of the best episodes in After Story so far and made me cry… But head to the beginning.

Apparently, in the other world, a strange device is being built. It should take the two out of the world where noone else live to the warm world where people live in happiness. Will this thing ever take off to the radiant sky?

Everything seems to go as usual in Nagisa and the others’ world. Another peaceful day filled with fun has started. Tomoya and Nagisa are having a talk about their future. I mean, not “their” future, but school/career future of each of them. Nagisa wants to find a job, but Tomoya doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do and tries to change the topic. Successfully.

Another regular meeting of the Theatre Club members in the Theatre Club room. They all chat about their future and Sunohara reveals the dreadful truth, he wants to be a model. This was too much for Nagisa and she collapsed. Okay, this wasn’t the case Nagisa collapsed. She got a fever, very bad one.

Nagisa is sick. One month has passed since she collapsed in the clubroom. When I heard the sentence, “A month went by.” (一ヶ月が過ぎた), it made me extremely sad in an instant. I felt how the shiver was creeping in my body. I didn’t think something like that could happen, Clannad never stops impressing me. 

Tomoya is constantly depressed and he’s totally out of it. But, who wouldn’t be on his place? As months pass by and Nagisa’s condition isn’t getting better, the chance she will have to repeat the year is rapidly rising. And when the Christmas come, it’s definite. She’s going to repeat. Tomoya comes up with the idea that he will repeat too, but Akio strikes it out of his head immediately and tells him that Nagisa would be upset, if he did it.

Christmas Eve, and Nagisa’s birthday. Everybody gather at Furukawa’s house. Tomoya gives her a present, Dango plushie. She’s very happy and thanks everyone for coming and being by her side to support her. Then, Akio comes with nice, heartwarming words: “You are a precious part of our family. Be happy, Nagisa.”

Time goes by and Tomoya and others are graduating, without Nagisa of course. Everybody goes to graduating party but Tomoya is coming home to Nagisa. He recalls all the nice moments he spent with Nagisa and then finds her waiting for him outside the house.

He thanks her for changing his life, for making his school life in fun, and tells her that he would rather repeat the year too and finally bursts into tears. However, Nagisa tells him to move on and gives him her best smile.

This episode seriously made me cry. Looking forward to what happens next. Nagisa’s illness makes me nervous and I feel that things won’t go as smooth as one would wish.