Animals in Anime – Cats part 1

I thought that I could do some long-time post series and I remembered how I am surprised from time to time when I see an animal in anime. Sometimes, the character designers draw a realistic one, but sometimes they make a strange being that will engrave into everybody’s memory very well. Yes, people easier remember things that are unusual so when the creators want you to remember the animal(s) from their anime, they have to make it “different”.

First of all, I will go through cats in anime.


The first one is quite a realistic one. It’s a nameless but important cat from Clannad. This cat could be called Shima though, so I will use this name. Even though this one is a normal cat, everybody will remember it because of the story, which I won’t spoil here. 

Shima’s proportions are of a regular cat. Only the ears are too big I think. The colors looks okay, too, at first look, but when I look on it now, it reminds me of a weasel. Despite this fact, this cat is very realistic and is one of the few realistic ones that you will remember, although they don’t look strange.

ARIA series


Aria shachou

Say, is there anybody who could tell that this is a cat before they mentioned it? I didn’t have a clue what it is at first, and I didn’t even dare guessing.

The only one thing President Aria shares with cats that I can think of are his ears. They are cat-like. And also his paws are the ones of a cat. But his tail is more like a tail of a small dog, and the rest of his body is unspecifiable. He has a nice flabby bell, big blue eyes resembling rings, chubby cheeks, and goes “punyuu” every moment. He doesn’t even say “nyaa” like other cats. Despite it, if one asks you to name some cats from anime, you will mention this one if you have seen Aria.


Hime shachou

Hime-shachou looks really like a hime (princess). She is a strange cat, but she definitely is more of a cat than Aria shachou. This might be the case why she despises him. Hime-shachou is a nice black cat with a long neck. If her neck was shorter she would look more like a real cat, but with her neck long she looks more like a proud princess. Hime-shachou, same as Aria-shachou, doesn’t have whiskers. All in all, President Hime is very elegany cat.


Maa shachou

Maa shachou looks stupid and is stupid. Well, it was maybe too harsh of me. He is small so he acts like a small kitty. His proportions, head to the rest of body, are 1:1. You could say he is a cat chibi. The only thing that’s realistic on him is his coloring. Three-color cats are quite common. Even he doesn’t say “nyaa”, but he says “maa”. And that’s where his name comes from, quite poetic, isn’t it? XD Maa’s favorite thing is Aria-shachou’s belly and his favorite hobby is biting that belly.

Cait Sith

Cait Sith

The last and the biggest of all the cats on the Earth. No, I’m wrong, on Mars, because Aria takes place on this ex-red planet. Cait Sith, The King of Cats, is a very mysterious cat. Or maybe I should say person. He is about 3 meters high, 1 meter wide, and walks on two feet. He is not a cat you would want to make angry. He, like all the other cats from Aria I have mentioned, doesn’t have whiskers. Even though he is so big, he gives off cat-like appearance, unlike Aria, Hime, and Maa. It must be because of his eyes which are so typical for cat. His eyes are thin and shine like emeralds. What I find interesting about him is his smile. It’s so mysterious. No wonder Akari was always so stunned when she saw him. He definitely deserves the title of King of Cats.

Next time, I will bring you a few more cats from anime. But I won’t tell you which ones, it’s a classified information.