Christmas Present(s)

Love Hotel

Merry Christmas to everybody.

Here is a little present I made for you. Two pretty girls on a bed in a love hotel. Why a love hotel, you might say. Well, love hotel is actually a quite common place for young Japanese couples to spend their Christmas Eve. The love hotels are full and overcrowded and many couples are waiting in line for a free room to use. I just wonder if the room, especially the bed, is cleaned and bedclothes replaced before another couple uses the room. Imagine how filthy it would be if the same sheet was used repeatedly. How many samples of DNA would be there… Enough of this.

As far as I know, Christmas Eve is considered to be a very romantic day and night. Which means you have to spend the night with your loved one, if you happen to have one, and of course you should do this and that and let your dolphin to set for an expedition to a deep murky cave. And if you don’t live together under one roof, and neither of you live alone, you have to find a place where to go, and for this purpose love hotels exist. I have to say that I find it pretty practical, because couples don’t have to do it somewhere in a car or in a park or some other dirty place. But why they feel that they should have a sex right on the Christmas Eve, that’s what I don’t understand.

Back to the picture. Wouldn’t you be excited if a present like the one (actually two) in the picture was waiting for you in your bed?

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