Clannad After Story – Episode 10

We are beginning again in the other world. Construction of the flying machine is in progress and they are trying to make it before the winter comes. Because, the girl won’t be able to move in winter. What’s that about is still unclear for us. But what I’m thinking about the most is the fact that in their world the winter is about to come, but in Nagisa and the others’ world the winter ended and spring has come. I think that what we see from the other world actually happened in the past.

It’s sad but it’s true. Everybody is going their own way. Somebody goes to university, somebody goes studying abroad, and somebody doesn’t know what to do from now on.

Tomoya doesn’t know what should he do, but he’s offered to work at Furukawa’s Bakery as an assistant. He vigorously accepts that offer and starts to work, with a small wage.

New school year has come. And Nagisa is going to the third class, for the third time. In the end, she ended up in a class where she doesn’t know anybody, and that’s not everything, she must find some new members who will join the Theater Club or else it will be abolished. Obviously, knowing Nagisa, it’s almost impossible for her to find any new members so it’s the end of the club. The club scattered and left as little fragments in hearts of the former members.

These are one of the “tasty” buns that Sanae made. Akio says that they’re only good for playing with. Unfortunately for him, Sanae hears it and bursts into tears. Akio, trying to atone for his harsh words, stuffes his mouth with those jelly things called Jelly Pan and runs after Sanae.

Last look on the clubroom filled with unforgettable memories that will blossom in everybody’s hearts. These happy days are over now though.

Tomoya is looking for an apartment because he feels that he shouldn’t be occupying and bother Furukawa family anymore. But he needs a job with higher salary to be able to afford an apartment. Fortunately for him, he meets Yoshino-san and he agrees that Tomoya can work with him in a wiremans company. And Tomoya is even able, with help from Ryou, to find an apartment with low rent.

Akio said some manly advices with a totally absent-minded expression. And then, he batted the ball and broke some window. Haven’t we seen something like this before? ^^

Already in his new apartment, with furniture borrowed from Furukawas, he begins to live on his own. However, Nagisa comes to wake him up the next day. Seems like he would have been late for his first day in new job, if she had not come. Tomoya is still a little uneasy about living alone and he didn’t get much sleep in the night.

Tomoya’s first day in work. To cut a long story short, he finds out that this work is very difficult and exhausting. Yoshino scolds him because he has dropped a wrench while high on the pole. He tells him that he could have hurt someone and asks him what he would have done, if that someone was a person special for him.

Tomoya comes home where Nagisa is waiting for him with prepared dinner. He but barely listens to what she’s telling him, because he is dead-tired and almost collapses.

Let’s see what will happen with Tomoya and whether something will happen at work. Will he get injured? Or will he injure somebody? Whether yes or not, I believe we’ll see more interesting things in next episode and am looking forward to it.