Clannad After Story – episode 11 review

In episode 11, Tomoya continues working with Yuusuke, climbing high up the poles, repairing and controlling the wires. At work, Yuusuke notices that Tomoya doesn’t use his right arm much often. He asks Tomoya about it, but he replies that it’s easier for him to work that way. Later in the episode, Yuusuke finds out that Tomoya can’t lift his right arm.

At home, Tomoya has always warm dinner waiting for him the time he returns from work. Nagisa is coming everyday to make him a meal and to talk with him. But Tomoya is always tired from his work so he doesn’t talk too much. Nagisa is concerned if she isn’t bothering him with her lively talking, but he says that it’s the opposite. He’s glad that she is talking to him and it refreshes him.

Some days later, Tomoya asks Nagisa if she’s free on Sunday, but she sadly replies that she is going to take the mock exams to be the same as her classmates that she still can’t get along with. Tomoya then spends that Sunday with Akio for some unknown reason, unknown even for Tomoya.

Akio stops by a strange shop where he’s suddenly attacked by a man(probably the shopkeeper) with a lightsaber. Then, Akio draws hig lightsaber and they exchange strikes for some time. In the end, that shopkeeper hits Tomoya’s head. After that, Akio asks if he’s got what he wanted, the man says yes and Akio is given one Bengal Giant Lizard. Then, Akio says that they, he and Tomoya, will slip it down Sanae’s back. Tomoya doesn’t like this plan, but Akio is really excited about this so Tomoya can’t do anything and must participate in this spectacular event, too.

Tomoya has to do it, Akio insists. They’ve returned to the bakery, or I may also say they have come home. Akio asks Sanae what is the animal she hates the most, and she answered straightaway: “Bengal Giant Lizard.” Tomoya realizes how bad this could be, but Akio’s strict look leaves him no choice but to do it. And he does it. Sanae is screaming and begins to run around the neighborhood. Akio realizes he’s gone overboard and runs after Sanae and shouts that he wasn’t the one who did it. Tomoya joins to the “running around the neighborhood”, too, and they keep running for quite some time.

Nagisa mentions that next Sunday will be the Founders’ Festival of the Theater Club. Tomoya says that he will participate, of course. A few days later, he’s given his first solo work, because everyone has already left. He’s doing some reparations on a power line at pitch black evening and Yuusuke suddenly shows up to check up his work. He doesn’t find any problem so they leave the place.

The other morning, Tomoya hears that something has happened there, with the power line, and Yuusuke is going to repair it. It’s the Sunday that he should go out with Nagisa, but despite this fact, he feels that he has to make up for his mistake and help Yuusuke with the reparations. Yuusuke doesn’t like it and tells him to go to Nagisa, but Tomoya is stubborn blockhead and won’t leave. 

Afterwards, he of course comes late to Nagisa that he’s kept waiting at the school gate. He begs her forgiveness. She shows her usual nice, but somehow sad smile and says that it’s okay. They are heading home, eating a roasted corn, walking down the street lit by the setting sun.