Dream visualization

Japanese scientists have created a technology that can visualize people’s dreams. It cannot perform any impressive pictures yet, though. It can only show a simple sketch from your brain. But what’s important is that they actually invented a way to extract your dreams.  And the scientists say that it’s just a matter of time before they will be able to produce high-quality images.

It sounds awesome, doesn’t it? On the other hand, this technology, if misused, could harm your privacy. I can imagine something like that happening. This could be another method of threats and blackmails.

Move on to the main point and the reason why I am writing about this. When I was reading about it, I couldn’t help but think of anime Chaos;Head. The picture above is from this anime. I will try not to spoil too much. Let’s just say that scientists in this anime can make people see what they want them to. They just can control their brain using some device and by doing this they can eventually manipulate one’s behavior. As far as I know, their objective is to recreate humanity.

Once I read about scientists visualizing people’s dreams, I asked myself whether they could use this technology the other way round, one day. You know, when they can extract information from dreams, they should be also able to create a dream and then place it into one’s head. And if this was possible, then it could change the lives of people very much. It could be used as an attraction, a method of relaxation or just to enjoy oneself in his own way. Imagine that you could design your own dream and then see it while sleeping, or maybe I should rather say live it while sleeping. Everything in dreams feels like it was real so it would be a totally different experience compared to watching videos and imagining things while awake. What would your dream look like? Who would go for anime dream with pretty girls?

Even though this “dream-construction” might be an extremely enjoyable activity, some evil organizations could use it to gain control over humanity. It’s a thing we wouldn’t want to happen, right? But I may be going overboard now. Such a thing as this is probably impossible and can happen only in anime. No one ever knows, though.

There’s a lot of anime where they control people’s brains and dreams. Remember Paprika, they invited a machine which could help them to cure patients through their dreams. Then the already mentioned Chaos;Head. Brain manipulation definitely isn’t unusual theme and creators in Japan seems to like it. And anime based on that have something in common I think. Someone uses it for evil deeds in the end. But I always thought while watching those anime that something like this was impossible, but now it seems that I should reconsider it. Well, I would like to know what was first. Scientists’ attempts to visualize a dream, or anime where they manipulated human mind?

Do you think it will be possible to manipulate people’s minds one day? And would this bring any good to humankind? Or would this just bring misfortune upon us?