Have you ever heard about the term Feitoism? Briefly, Feitoism is the cult that worship the mightest, calmest and prettiest of the Ultimate Mahou Shoujo Trio, Feito-chan, formally known as Fate Testarossa Harlaown.

There’s a lot of Feito-chan’s fans all over the world, and I am also one of them. Her personality, her looks and her powers make her a great candidate to be adored by large crowds of people. She could have an army of faithful followers that would outnumber armies of many countries in this world. My own country, Czech Republic, is one of them I think.

For all Feito-chan fans who read this post, I would like to inform you about a new Fate figure made by Volks.

The retail price is ¥7,980 and is supposed to be released in July 2009. Volks of course didn’t forget on fans of the other two of this Mahou Shoujo Trio and Nanoha and Hayate will be released too. More photos and info about all of the three figures can be found on Volks site. And according to the Volks’ sites, those who reserve the whole trio will get a Vivio figure as a bonus.

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