“I’m not a virgin, so what?”

“I’m not a virgin, so what?” is what I decided to call this post. Most of you already know why. And for those who don’t, there’s a short explanation.

The beautiful goddess of the sacred tree, Nagi from anime Kannagi, has become a target of hatred and insults from her ex-fans. Now if you ask why, the reason is very ridiculous, she’s been exposed to have an ex-boyfriend. Many hardcore otakus from Japan has been shocked by this fact and feel like she has deceived them. They thought she’s a pure and innocent virgin and now they consider her being an impure slut. Eventually, they even threatened the author of Kannagi manga, Takenashi Eri. Then, she stopped writing Kannagi manga, because she suddenly got some health problems. Many people thinks that it is due to the attacks of those haters, but the magazine in which Kannagi was being published strongly denies it. So I will no longer talk about the author’s sudden cessation of writing.

Back to Nagi herself. First, I want to point out that the fact she had a boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not a virgin anymore. You don’t have to have sex with your partner. I mean, if the couple is young girl and boy, around 13 years old, then they should not have sex. And if the relationship is short, when a couple is together only for a short time, then there’s also a strong possibility that they didn’t have sex. They would have to start right off the bat and that’s not something one should do. So, it’s not right to assume that Nagi is not virgin when you don’t have any proof. Personally, I think she still is a virgin. It’s even somewhat hard to imagine a goddess residing in a tree to have sex. But I’m not so knowledgeable in Shinto, so I don’t know too much how it works with kami (deity) relationships.

However, even if she was not a virgin anymore, what’s the problem? It’s her own life, right? If someone wants to adore her, then he must accept her as she is. I understand the part that many people considered her a pure innocent virgin. But even when they found out that she was not, is that a reason enough to abuse her? No, it’s definitely not. If they don’t like her anymore because of this fact, then they should just forget about her and not start to hurt her reputation. It was their own fault they fell for her. They fell for her because of how she was, and they liked how she was. So I would really like to know, if they would have not fallen for her, if they had known that she’s not a virgin.

Last, I think that all these harsh insults and attacks could be regarded as false accusation and illegal defamation, if it happened to a real person.

I hope that this sad event will not repeat again with a different anime character. I also wish Takenashi a quick recovery and hope that she will continue writing Kannagi.