Sakagami Tomoyo – Kotobukiya

It’s been about two months since I preordered Tomoyo from HLJ sites and she’s supposed to come in stock in the early December. Last days, I’ve been looking on the site a few times a day,  if she hasn’t come already, because it has happened to me once that they got the stuff in stock earlier than was expected. I know I’m impatient, but I just can’t wait for her.

I think this is the third restock of Tomoyo, and most likely the last one. But I wish they would restock Kotomi too. Now when I think of it, Kotobukiya is the only figure company to have made Clannad figures. I would really love to see Clannad figures made by Good Smile. Not only see, I’m sure I would get them no matter how much they would cost.

This outfit of Tomoyo is exactly the one she wore in the series when she took care of Tomoya. I love those slippers but I have no idea what kind of animal it should be. Well, once I get her I’ll do a detailed photo-review.