Animals in Anime – Dogs part 1

Today, in our viewfinder are dogs. Is it just my imagination, or are there less dogs in anime than cats? It seems to me that Japanese prefer cats to dogs. I am the same actually, also prefer cats. They are cuter and can even take care of themselves. You don’t have to walk them, they won’t get lost, they won’t drool on your precious things and expensive clothes. It’s said that dogs are loyal companions of their master and would protect him from danger. But I don’t know any such dog. All dogs I have got to know better are just barking maniacs that are always hungry and keep making mess everywhere. Well, enough talking about it. Let’s get to the actual point of today’s article.

Azumanga Daioh



First is the Great Pyrenees from Azumanga Daioh. Mr.Tadakichi is Chiyo’s mount and is very obedient. Compared to real Great Pyrenees, Tadakichi is very authentic. Proportions are okay and the animators didn’t forget that he should be fuzzy. His snout and ears are drawn properly too.

And one more thing. Never search Tadakichi on Gelbooru, if you’re not interested in that kind of things. You know what I mean, right?




Yuzuhira Nekoi’s dog, Inuki, is actually an inugami, which means god dog. It sounds interesting, this phrase. When you read “god” the other way round, you get “dog”. Is there possibly any meaning to it? ^^

Putting this aside, Inuki can’t be seen by people without unusual powers. He looks like a crossbread of Akita Inu and wolf. Inuki is also very well drawn. His coat is elaborate and there are fine details in his shading.

Cowboy Bebop



This dog from Bebop is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This breed has been favoured by British royalty and Queen Elizabeth II has about 16 of them.

The name Ein is most likely a pun on Einstein, because this dog is extremely intelligent and able to do a lot of things, such as driving a car or playing shogi. The previous two dogs are animated better in my opinion. The proportions of Ein are fine, but the face seems a little bit strange. I don’t know why, though. It may be because of those rings around his eyes.

Maison Ikkoku



A dog from Maison Ikkoku named after a deceased husband. It has a pure white coat, good body proportions on the whole, only the head, particularly nose is somewhat improper. Breed is probably not specified.


A pomeranian, breed named after the Pomenaria region between Germany and Poland. Its name is McEnroe, obviously a pun on the famous american tennis player, John McEnroe.

Dogs are less frequent in anime than cats, but when any makes an appearance, it looks like a real dog and it often is a specific breed, while many cats in anime don’t look like a real cat. But I can’t think of any plausible explanation to it. They just seem to enjoy drawing strange neko-creatures, or half-cats, but for some reason they don’t take dogs as targets of their creativeness.

Next time, there will be a few dogs again, I think. One interesting dog showed up in a new anime. I’m sure some of you know in what anime, but for the others I’ll keep it as a classified information for the time being ^^


Inu mecha

I have found a nice dog-creature after all. It is a inu-gundam XD