New Year

Hiiragi sisters

Happy New Year, everybody!明けましておめでとうございます¡Feliz año nuevo!Auguri, buon anno!

I wish you the best in year 2009, the year of ox. Shall all your wishes come true.

Speaking of New Year in Japan, it must be hatsumoude, the first visit to shrine or temple in the new year, what most of the people think of when asked. I’m getting to the main point, shrines. Majority of shrines are similar, but there are at least two that will remain in memory of every anime fan. The shrine in Shirakawa-gou, the model for Hinamizawa village from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and the Washinomiya shrine in Washimiya village in Saitama that is used in Lucky Star.

These videos show how do some ema, wooden plaques when one writes his or her wish, look.

This New Year was special in Washinomiya shrine, because they were selling special edition of Lucky Star nendoroids, which won’t be in any shop. According to some sites, there were long lines of people waiting to get their nendoroids. It was a Raki Nendo Madness ^^

Lucky Star New Year Special Nendoroids

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