Presentation on maid cafés

Maid café

I have been very busy with the school work recently, so I have no time to write anything. But I had a presentation on maid cafés in Akihabara and I thought that I could share it with you, even though many of you know a lot of things from it. 

Maid cafés in Akihabara

Location: Central Tokyo, Chiyoda City
Also known under the name Akiba. Also called the Electric Town
After the WWII, it was a place where people went to get electric devices, and even a black market ran there.
As time went by, Akihabara has become a place where one could find the latest TV models and every extravagancy of modern technologies.
Nowadays, Akiba is crowded with people looking for new PC components, household appliances, personal robots, or new Sony products. Apart from these, there are lots of people that come to have fun in Akiba, because it’s the biggest shopping area specialised in gaming and anime, japanese animation, merchandise. You can buy there almost every single video game that was released, no matter in what country it was, and you can find there tons of anime goods, from DVDs to figures, alarm clocks, apparel, etc.
One of the most interesting things about Akihabara are maid cafés and costume play, shortly cosplay, cafés. The first cafes were set up in the late 90’s, and then they flooded the whole Akihabara. In the last years, maid cafes have been opened even in other cities in Japan, and a few cafes have been set up outside Japan, too.
In maid café, you are obviously served by maids, who treat you as their master. There are also cafés where they act in a different way. They might act as your little sisters, as shrine maidens, as your superiors, or when you are in a cosplay café, they are dressed and act as some characters from popular anime series. Therefore, the main purpose and main attractions differ from one cafe to another. The main intention in traditional maid cafés is to make you feel relaxed. But in some more lively cafés, the main purpose is to entertain you in any way possible, so nobody can guarantee that you won’t feel tired after the visit.
Usually, the menu in maid cafés is not rich. Regular meals that you can find in almost every maid cafe are spaghetti, cakes and other desserts, and omelette rice with a ketchup drawing of your liking sketched by the maid who brings you your meal. But people do not go there to get any extraordinarily delicious food. They come to enjoy the atmosphere and the maid services. The maids in maid cafés do a lot of things for their customers. In most of them, they would even feed you, if you requested. The additional services differ from one café to another. In some, you can play video games with maids, get a massage, have your ears cleaned, take photos with the maids, or participate in some thrilling games or competitions. For example, there is a maid café, called Cos-cha Cafe & Kitchen, where you can take the challenge to drink some nasty liquids. I will explain it to you. You play three rounds of rock-paper-scissors with a maid. Every time you lose, you have to drink a special coctail, a disgusting concoction, that the maid will prepare especially for you. If you drink it up, and get through all the three rounds, you win and you can have a photo with the maid. But if you lose, she slaps you. Hard or softly, it depends on her.
In some maid cafes, if you become a regular, it’s said that you will feel like the staff were your family. This works perfectly in one particular café, Nagomi, where they act as if they were your little sisters. The girl staff do not change so you remember them and they remember you. They join you in casual conversation, giggle, act dumb, and demand to play games with you. This intimacy may be a compensation for family for some people and this is most likely the case why this café is so popular with men in their 30’s.
The maid cafés in Japan serve the similar role as Geishas did in the past. Both, maids and geishas, are entertainers. The word geisha can even be translated as “an entertainer” which means that today’s maids could be called “Geishas of the 3rd millennium” or something along these lines. Neither maids nor geishas can be regarded as prostitutes. Both of them are only companions who do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers but they would never engage in any sexual affairs. They really have many things in common, thus you could say that all this maid-mania has developed from geishas. Only the people’s preferences and the vision of ideal woman have changed over the years, so the cute maids in laced aprons and knee-high stockings have replaced the white-painted, dolls resembling geishas.
But why are maid cafés so popular? Well, many people are attracted to the seductive costumes that girls in maid cafés and cosplay cafés wear. It is not only the maid uniforms, it can be school swimsuits, nun outfits, nurse outfits, pajamas, or other pretty, sometimes showing costumes. Other people are attracted by the willingness and obedience of the girls working in these cafés. There are often people, often young men, who are secluded from the social life among the customers, and this is practically the only way for them to talk with girls without being looked down on. They are treated as some important men, despite being hopeless persons, and that’s right what they need, what they lack. It brings them a chance to escape into a fantasy world. Other people who come to these cafés are the people who seek some warm feelings, because they don’t have family or a girlfriend. As I said before, they are often men who are over thirty, not satisfied with their job, and they seek some consolation which they can find in these cafés. The girls’ shining smiles and warm words make them content, even if only for a moment. Other people coming to these cafés are just curious what it looks like and feels like to be in a maid café, or people who find it fun and entertaining. Many people say that the girls working there are pretty like blooming flowers.

The girls working in maid cafés are proud to do this job, because they believe they can bring happiness, and convey some heartwarming feelings that will bring a smile upon the faces of their costumers. And they all love costumes. Personal information about the girls is secret and they use nicknames to prevent anybody from finding where they live. There is an etiquette which customers abide in these cafés. They know they can’t ask the workers any personal questions or do any things that would be unpleasant to them. However, there is at least one known case, and I think there is more of them, where a man assaulted a girl working in a maid café. He must had been stalking her, because he knew that she worked in a maid café and assaulted her on her way to work. It happened when she was already walking up the stairs in the building where the café was and fortunately, the café manager had heard some screams and came to help her. It had a happy ending, she didn’t have any major injuries and the molester was arrested.

I hope there was at least a little information you have not known about and that you found it interesting.