Summer uniform vs. Winter uniform

Showdown. Natsufuku (summer uniform) vs. Fuyufuku (winter uniform). Which are better? One might say that summer uniforms, because they show more. But it’s not much true, because skirt is part of a winter uniform, too. The only difference in exposure are arms. Thus, it’s almost only about cuteness. Natsufuku still has an advantage though, I think, because the less clothes the easier to make it cute. It’s hard to make thick layers of clothes cute, but it’s easy to make a light uniform cute. However, if it’s designed well, then winter uniform can be no match for the summer one. So I think that in general, it’s more difficult to make a winter uniform, but the nice winter uniforms are the best.

A little info about the origination of the most classical type of seifuku, the sailor outfit. Quoting from Wikipedia.

It was introduced as a school uniform in 1921 by the principal of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University (福岡女学院), Elizabeth Lee. It was modelled after the uniform used by the British Royal Navy at the time, which Lee had experienced as an exchange student in the United Kingdom.

Well, you have my gratitude, Mrs. Lee. Rest in peace.

Now, a few examples where winter uniforms look better than the summer ones, in my opinion.

Lucky Star

Summer uniform:

Lucky Star summer uniform

Winter uniform:

Lucky Star winter uniform


Summer uniform:

Clannad summer uniform

Winter uniform:

Clannad winter uniform

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Summer uniform:

Haruhi summer uniform

Winter uniform:

Haruhi winter uniform

To Love-ru

Summer uniform:

To Love-ru summer uniform

Winter uniform:

To Love-ru winter uniform


Winter uniform, probably, or all-year-round uniform with long sleeves, since I haven’t seen any summer uniform from Kanon. But maybe it’s only because the whole story took place in winter?

Kanon uniform