True Remembrance

True Remembrance

Have you ever wanted to get rid of some of your memories that were hunting you and making you suffer whenever you recalled them? In this world, you can.

True Remembrance is a story from a huge but secluded town, where Mnemonicides, people who can make others forget their memories, live. These Mnemonicides are something like doctors and they are given patients with whom they live together then. These patients all suffer from a disease called “The Dolor”. Briefly speaking, it’s a variant of pandemic depression that is now very common among people and many of them end up taking their life because of that disease. Mnemonicides are the only hope for people who suffer from this “Psyche Corrosion”.

The town was constructed by government when scientists found out that there are some people who can destroy memories. And this way, the town, where is no future ahead because everything is once forgotten, was born. People who have the ability to erase memories are brought there and undergo a special training to refine their skills. Then, they become Mnemonicides and each of them gets his or her own grieving patient. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes it takes weeks, but Mnemonicides eventually make them forget what they want to. Then, the patients leave the town and forget everything about the town, too.

True Remembrance is a story about one Mnemonicide, named Blackiris, and his little girl patient, named La. She suffers from the Dolor and from time to time she bursts into tears for no reason. Blackiris and La live together and spend together some nice moments, but also some unhappy moments. The story is heartwarming but sorrowful at the same time and I won’t say anymore so I don’t spoil it for you, if you decide to play/read it.

It is a linear visual novel which means there is only a one story that you can’t change. The characters are drawn very nice and there are also opening and ending videos. Music is a very strong part of it. Even though there is not many tracks, they fit very well into the story and are very emotional and touching. If you liked soundtrack from Kanon or Clannad, you will like this one too.

I would recommend this game to everybody who liked Narcissu or Planetarian. Don’t expect any bishoujos, ecchi scenes, or action in True Remembrance. But if you like dramas and moving stories, definitely give this a shot because it is absolutely worth it. It is a treasure among visual novels, since it has an excellent story and also high literary value.

Here, you can download this game in English. I forgot to mention that this game is for free.
Here, you can download it in original language, Japanese.