Japanese commercials never fail to impress me

I believe that most of you have seen any Japanese commercial, so you know that they have an awesome power to make you laugh or make you think it’s so silly that it’s great. Two days ago, one of my classmates sent me a link to a Japanese commercial for a dessert known as Giga Pudding. I was astounded by it. It was like if all my senses had abandoned me and I was engulfed by the cute silliness of the commercial. In the end, after watching it I couldn’t help singing the song again and again and it kept echoing in my head even the next day. If you’re brave enough to face a formidable singing voice of small children and a vexing melody, then watch it too. Here it is.

I hope you’re enjoying the post-watching effect now ^^ Maybe you could get rid of it by watching to a few more commercials I find very amusing.

The next one is very funny, it shows you that one should be considerate of own vocal cords. Well then, next commercial, IKEEE!

And here comes more.

Some for Ayumi lovers. The first one reminds me of White Album, she’s a little bit like Ogata Rina. And she also tries to conceal her identity with a coat and glasses.

Of course I can’t forget on Gackt. There’s someting unique about the commercials in which he shows up.

And a few more random japanese commercials.