Poll results: Your favorite female seiyuu

Hirano Aya

The poll has been concluded and have brought us not unexpected results. I believed that these three, Mizuki Nana, Hirano Aya, and Kugimiya Rie would claim the top three positions. And it came true. The only question was who will win. I hoped for Nana or Kugi-chan, but in the end the winner was Aya, to my disappointment.

The whole results are as follows:

#1 Hirano Aya – 15 votes#2 Kugimiya Rie – 12 votes#3 Mizuki Nana – 10 votes#4 Tamura Yukari and Horie Yui – both 3 votes#6 Tomatsu Haruka – 2 votes#7 Tanaka Rie, Katou Emiri, Endou Aya, Koshimizu Ami – 1 vote#11 Hazuki Erino – 0 votes

Now, let’s wait and see who will triumph in the real contest, 3rd Seiyuu Awards.