Enter your Dakimakura! Assimilation!

Dakimakura Assimilation

Tora no Ana has thought up a brand new way to use your dakimakura. Instead of inserting pillow inside the cover, you just enter the cover and enjoy the stay inside of the cutie that is printed on the cover. They call it “the ultimate dakimakura experience” or “assimilation”.

No matter what it seems disgusting to me. I mean, if you think about it, this process is just wrong. Entering a girl, even if it’s only a printed image on the cover, and then do whatever inside her. And we’re talking about hardcore otaku here, so I don’t even want to imagine what they might do inside the cover. Naked otaku in a dakimakura cover isn’t an image that would please my eyes >_< I feel sorry for the dakimakura covers which are used in this way.

Now, imagine if somebody brought this to a whole new level by applying this way of use on a real 3D girl. I know it’s not quite possible, but one could put at least his head inside *shivers*. Tora no Ana has definitely given a new pattern of sexually motivated murder for sexually maniacal murderers.

I think we might also hear about people who suffocated in dakimakura from now on. Because I think that if somebody is inside for too long he must run out of oxygen. And when he really starts suffocating it will be almost impossible for him to get out of it since it is definitely very hard to get out of it even in normal condition. They will become prisoners of their paradise…

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