Recently Acquired Things


This package arrived two days ago and Kagami was eager to open it and get the things inside for her personal use.


She still thought she could have it. “Sorry, Kagami, this won’t go.” Kagami was put away and locked to not butt in anymore.


First, Supercell CD + DVD regular edition without that artbook or what it was. I’m listening to it right now. Awesome, I’m glad I’ve bought a CD after a long while. The reason I bought it was that there was the DVD with Miku videos, Koi wa Senshi, World is Mine, Black Rock Shooter, and Melt. What else could you wish for? I know I could download them from somewhere but it’s just a bother, this way was easier.


It’s a great selection of songs.


The design of the CD itself is pretty nice, too. The surface is very shiny and reflects everything. There was wall of my room in the first picture, but I fortunately noticed it. Well, it couldn’t have gone unnoticed ^_^


Next is Megami Magazine Super Deluxe. It contains about 140 pictures from the first 100 issues of Megami Magazine. They chose awesome pictures for the Super Deluxe edition so it has become an awesome artbook. I will treasure it.


I will definitely take and post some photos of the pictures in Megami Super Deluxe, but it will take a while because I am going to mountains on Saturday. It will be very hard to choose what pictures to post. I’d like to post them all, but there are just too many.


Last and the most expensive, denshi jisho by Casio. Casio XD-GP9700, to be specific. I had always wanted an electronic dictionary and now this wish has came true. The best thing is I didn’t have to pay for it because I got it as a present. Although it’s my first time using denshi jisho I have quickly learned how to use it. They made it very easy to control and that’s good.


Now, I won’t have to wait to get to a PC to look how to say something or what does some word mean. The dictionary contains about 60 publications, for example Daijisen, Meikyou, Random House 2, New Kenkyuusha Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Oxford Thesaurus, a few more Oxfords, Japanese Counters for Words, and many more various books and dictionaries.