Spring 2009 Anime List

Spring anime are waiting behind the door and it won’t take long before they start broadcasting. That means it’s high time to decide what to watch. This season will have some old-new series and some new promising titles and I think that we won’t be dissapointed and everybody will find something that will appeal to him or her.

There are various anime on Spring list and I am not decided yet what to watch. But here comes the list of anime which drew my interest.


A story from the 21th century taking place in Tokyo which has become a tropical city due to the global warming. The city is being reborn as a forest city in order to reduce the temperature, but there are people who are against it.

I will definitely watch this series, because the story seems quite interesting and I really want to see the reconstruction of Tokyo into a forest city.


Adaptation of yonkoma manga about four high school girls who decided to save the musical club, although they can’t play any musical instruments.

Another series I will watch. It is made by KyoAni which means the animation should be very good, and the story sounds good, too. I wonder if the skills of the four girls will be match for Kotomi’s awesome violin skills ^_^

Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles

A fictional historical anime about a war in Europa in 1930’s. Europa is divided into two large powers, the Empire and the Federation, and a small independent country between them is attacked by the Empire.

Lots of people talk about this anime as having a potential to be good, but something about it doesn’t seem good to me. Don’t know if I will watch it or not.

Natsu no Arashi

I don’t know well what this will be about, but the story is about a strange girl with mysterious powers. And it is animated by Shaft.

Tears to Tiara

Based on a strategy role playing eroge. I don’t know any details about the story but it should be about a girl who was supposed to be sacrificed for a resurrected demon. It sounds good and the animation looks well, too. I will watch this one.

Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

Another game adaptation. A boy finds an old relic which is tied to a local legend about lost deity, and then a mysterious girl shows up.

It will be most likely a harem ecchi comedy with nice animation… so I will add it to my watchlist ^^

Asura Cryin’

Story about a high school boy who is haunted by a ghost girl who seems to be his childhood friend. It may be good judging from this description.

Hatsukoi Gentei

Another slice of school life. May watch, may not.

Hayate no Gotoku!!

The continuation of Hayate no Gotoku! I like how they named the second series. Two exclamation marks instead of one, meaning “2nd series”. I’m looking forward to a big portion of fun from Sanzenin mansion and related places.

Hayate no Gotoku!! OVA is out since about a week ago.

Other than the above mentioned series a few very interesting OVAs will be released or a part of them has already been released. From those, I watch or will watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, Tsubasa Shunraiki, xxxHOLiC Shunraiki, and Spice & Wolf II.