Akikan, Maria Holic – final impressions


Well, one sentence will describe my thoughts about Akikan very well: “Give me back my time!” This series wasn’t worth watching for me. I didn’t like any character, on the contrary, I hated most of them. Furthermore, the story was shallow and the ending was quite lame. It was quite obvious it would have a happy ending, but the way they did it was painful. It was like a stupid movie from western production. The justice prevailed and the evil was defeated.

What else can I say about Akikan? I didn’t like character voices, they seemed off to me. As for the songs, I couldn’t bear listening to both OPs and the EDs were quite unpleasant, too. The only thing I was delightfully surprised by was the last ED, because they used Hatsune Miku for it. I give the production staff a thumb up for that. But that’s the only thing I can praise them for.

Animation in Akikan? It’s hard to put it in words ^^ I don’t know if the animators were blind or what, but it was terrible. There were no details, but the worst was body proportions and facial expression, the crucial parts of work.

Maria Holic

Maria Holic was a series I really enjoyed watching. Each episode was a lot of fun, and a lot of nosebleeds. I liked the main characters. Miyamae Kanako, the perverted girl who wants to have an intimate relationship with almost any girl from her school. I loved the scenes with her “deep” thoughts full of pretty girls.

Then there was Mariya, a girl who is one of the school idols, but actually she is a “he”. His merciless way of dealing with perverse Kanako was the best. Then, Matsurika, Mariya’s maid. I can’t describe her well, but she is a girl of unperceivable action. Her thinking processes are fast as hell, but she doesn’t let anyone notice it.

There wasn’t much of a story, it was episodic, but it was always good and pleasant to watch. Lots of laugh being a certainty.

Character voices were quite good. Personally, my favorite was Mariya. It must have been quite hard to distinguish the two styles of her voice, the pissed one and the angel-like one, so much and make both of them sound awesome.

Animation was excellent. Great work by SHAFT, as usual. They used Zetsubou style animation in some scenes and that was to my liking. Every character was drawn very well and quite detailed and they altered the animation style in some scenes to match the atmosphere, though I didn’t like that shoujo style used in some scenes, at least I think it was shoujo manga style.

Overall, it was a worth watching anime and I can recommend it to people who like funny series, or some shoujo-ai scenes. I’m very glad I decided to follow this series for it made my day many times.