Kagami strolls in Prague

Kagami figma

Today was a great day for a walk because it was sunny and warm. I hadn’t gone for a walk for a long time due to the cold weather, temperature fluctuating from 0°C to 8°C, that was here until the last week. That’s why I decided to make use of the sudden rise in temperature that has been exceeding 20°C lately and went outside with Kagami in my breast pocket.

My neighborhood

Heading for the nearest metro station and passing by some leafless trees.

Some cherry tree

But some trees are about to bloom. This is some kind of cherry, don’t exactly know what though.

Kagami in bush

Kagami wanted to rest in a chaenomeles bush.

Prague Metro Map

I have highlighted the course I took in this map of Prague Public Transport.

In metro

Changing for line A at Muzeum Station.

Prague Old Town

Going through some streets in the Old Town and heading towards the Old Town Square.

Spider from PET bottles

However, on my way there I spotted an interesting exhibition of models made of PET bottles so I decided to take a look at it and it was definitely worth it. The artist who made those models is a real PET lover. From what I heard, this giant spider had been made of 200 bottles.

Kagami and PET Penguins

Kagami wanted to say hi to these penguins.

Japanese PETs

She had a collection of PET bottles from various corners of the world put on display in one room. And I managed to find what I wanted, PET bottles from Japan. The second from left is that bottle with a marble that inside that is blocking the flow of the liquid, therefore some people find it hard to drink.

Staročeské Trdlo

This is supposed to be a traditional Czech sweet pastry called Staročeské Trdlo but you won’t find it anywhere but in the Old Town. It’s basically one of the fake symbols, I guess. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any great taste and they sell it for 50 CZK which is about 2 EUR or 2.5 USD or 300 JPY in today’s conversion. You will find much better things than this at this price.

Kagami in front of Orloj Astronomical Clock

Kagami in front of the famous Orloj Astronomical Clock.

Prague Old Town

In the streets of the Old Town.

Kagami at Ungelt

Týn Church in the background. But Kagami doesn’t care about it and wants to face the camera.

Týn Church

Týn Church again, now not blurry.

House of the Black Madonna

The House of the Black Madonna, one of the nice cubist buildings.

Powder Gate

Powder Gate.

Easter Eggs

A stand selling some Easter Eggs.

Mongolian BBQ

Mongolian BBQ? I’ve heard a lot about it so I’m looking forward to it.

Shopping Mall

In a shopping mall in the Old Town.

Prague Center Map

Map of the center of Prague.

Kagami in front of Museum of the Capital of Prague

In front of the Museum of the Capital of Prague.

<Museum of the Capital of Prague

And without Kagami, from a different angle.

Lindt bunny

In another shopping mall. They were advertising and selling some Lindt products there and I got a chocolate candy for free, yay!

Kagami and Tiramisú

Then I stopped at a café I knew for having a suupaa delicious tiramisù.

My neighborhood

On my way home, outside the metro station.

My neighborhood

Last photo, the bus stop in front of my home.

It was a pleasant walk and I took some nice shots. It was the first time I went outside with a figure and I noticed that some people were looking at my Kagami with a certain level of curiosity and interest. I wonder what they thought.

I almost forgot, what do you transport your figmas and nendoroids in when you want to bring them somewhere with you?