Key announces Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

Key, studio that created many popular visual novels such as Kanon, Clannad or Planetarian, has announced a new game project titled Angel Beats!.

What is surprising is that the author of the scenario will be Maeda Jun who had earlier said he wouldn’t write story lines anymore and he would concentrate on music composing. Anyway, if it is a story by Maeda Jun then it will most likely be something very good, since he has written epic moving stories, for example Air, Kanon or Clannad.

Angel Beats!

Characters will be designed by artist Na-Ga. An interesting thing that I believe some of you have probably noticed by now is that the main female character, the one in the picture, resembles Suzumiya Haruhi. You can see a few slight modifications of this picture at Sankaku Complex in which hair color, eye color and headband color were changed to Haruhi’s colors and the resemblance is really shocking. At any rate, she looks very nice and I’m looking forward to more Angel Beats characters.

You can watch a short, 15-second-long promotional video of Angel Beats! here.