Takenashi Eri discharged from hospital


Takenashi Eri, mangaka of Kannagi, has finally updated her site where she mentions that she has been released from hospital and now is convalescing at home. However, she doesn’t want to provide any details about her illness yet.

Takenashi was hospitalized since December 2008, around the same time when she was also supposedly threatened because the main character of Kannagi might not have been virgin.

She is very grateful for all the mails and support of her fans who have been wishing for her quick recovery. One of them even sent her a senbazaru, string with 1000 origami cranes that is said to grant a wish such as recovery from illness.

It will still take some time before she will be completely okay, so she won’t restart the work on Kannagi manga yet. But she intends to continue, she just doesn’t want to rush it, because she could mess it up.