Anime and Japan (De)Motivational Posters

You probably know what are those (de)motivational posters, and I guess you have seen at least some of them. Still, I thought I could post here those I really liked and had them on my harddisc. There are some real (de)motivational treasures among them.

I wonder if there is any other purpose in those pictures than make people smile.

Censorship in SZS. The creators were very resourceful, because this kind of censorship is not something anybody would come up with. When I was watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, I was quite surprised when some heads of an unknown man appeared where secret parts, alternatively steam or sunshine, should have been seen.

Agreed XD

These poor childs will never get married… I feel really sorry for them.

Pipirupirupiru.. eghm.

Who wouldn’t want to be stalked, right?

Storage rooms are ideal places for training. And some people say there’s no point in going to school. School is place where you polish your skills before heading to the real battlefield. Tomoya didn’t practice in the end, so his life almost got screwed up.

No comment ^^

Yes, Rena likes strawberry jam, but it must be fresh.

When you think you have seen everything you could and nothing can surprise you anymore, go to Japan.

Thou shalt not go any farther, Nunnally!

Yeah, if you think your life sucks, then go watch Elfen Lied.

There’s something positive in every negative.

I wonder if this is possible of happening in Japan.

Danny is in motivational picture! Cool!

Boy: “Mom, it’s a tunnel, right?”Mom: “What makes you think so?”Boy: “You know, I see a black hole up there.”Mom: … *epic fail*

Is this what they call “to die in a happy moment”?

*waiting in the queue for audition for being the next patty*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna enjoy both parts of the bun ^^