Poll Results: Anime&Manga Merchandise Purchase

Rin and Len in Amazon box

Another poll has come to an end, this time it was a question with simple answers yes or no. “Have you ever regretted buying some anime&manga; merchandise in financial pinch?” was what I asked you and here are the results:

No, it’s been always worth it: 31 votesYes, I have regretted buying sth.: 14 votes

68% of people have never regretted buying some anime, manga, visual novel etc. related goods, myself included. 31% have had some second thoughts at least once. Don’t ask me what happened with the one percent left, I don’t have a clue. It’s Blogger’s Poll system’s work and it seems to have a questionable rounding method. Anyways, double the people have never experienced the grief of bad invested money.

As for me, I don’t have money to throw away so I have to carefully think over what I really want and what I don’t. That’s why I’ve never had any second thoughts. I think that if you think a little whether it’s worth the money or not, then you will less likely regret it. It works for me so I guess it could work for others, too.

But of course it’s even better if you have a flourishing account and don’t need to think much about money.

Tsukasa runs for her life

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