Evangelion Mobile Phones Sold Out

Evangelion Nerv Mobile Phone

Pre-orders for Evangelion Mobile Phones were commenced on Friday. However, it didn’t last for long, because all 20,000 phones that were available for pre-orders were sold out in 5 hours. Those who haven’t got one and want it, despite the fact that it is sold at price of unbelievable 90,000 yen (about 900 USD), they will be able to get it from regular shops at the end of this month. But the number of phones is limited and only 10,000 are supposed to come to stores, so it will probably be sold out instantly too.

The phone’s design was supervised by Hideaki Anno and Studio Khara and it was designed for use in Evangelion movies. The description used for the movies says that it is a special device developed for members of Nerv organization. It weighs 135 grams, has a 3.3 inch display, 0.4 megapixel inner camera, and 10 megapixel outer camera. It’s surface is matte and there’s a Nerv logo on it. The cell phone comes with a Nerv Mascot strap and Frame Holder 01 stand. Users have a really wide choice of menu layouts, voiced ringtones, sounds, warning alert animations, and images with Evangelion theme.

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