Mizuki Nana – Ultimate Diamond

Mizuki Nana Ultimate Diamond

Yesterday was the day D for all Nana-chan’s fans, as her new album Ultimate Diamond was finally released. There are two different versions of this album, CD edition and a limited CD+DVD edition, which contains a video record of Nana’s concert at the Shinjuku Koma Theater on October 11, 2008. The CD edition, and I guess that the CD+DVD edition as well, contain a 44 page booklet.

There are 15 songs on it and you might know some of them from anime series White Album, Rosario to Vampire and its continuation Rosario to Vampire Capu2.

Track List:

Etsuraku Camellia (悦楽カメリア)
Chinmoku no Kajitsu (沈黙の果実)
Brand New Tops
Shounen (少年)
Gimmick Game
Dancing in the velvet moon
ray of change
Shin Ai (深愛)
Aoki Hikari no Hate -Ultimate Mode- (蒼き光の果て-ULTIMATE MODE-)
Yume no Tsuzuki (夢の続き)

Nana-chan managed to broke free from her Oricon curse earlier this year with her album Shin Ai topping the daily single chart, and now her seventh album, Ultimate Diamond, reached the top in the daily album ranking on its release date and the following day as well. Let’s see if she will be able to get the first place even in the weekly chart. Good luck, Nana-chan!

Some of the covered songs:

Dancing in the Velvet Moon

Shin Ai

Perfect Smile