Possible Akiyama Mio Figure?

Akiyama Mio Figure 秋山 澪

This photo of very appealing rough figure of Akiyama Mio was posted on the internet. Whether it is a photo taken in a workshop of some figure making company, or not is unknown. Which means there’s no info about any possible release of this figure. However, if this really was an upcoming project of any of the leading figure making companies, it would definitely please many fans of K-ON! and it may even soothe their sorrow as K-ON! is approaching its end.

I really like the pose of this figure. Though I believe that when it comes to Mio, any pose would make it a great figure, as long as the producers don’t screw it up. For example, it would be nice to see a figure of embarassed Mio. But she should still hold her bass, because it is something that just belongs to her. Don’t you agree?

Well, I’m really curious what the first official K-ON! figure will look like. And I wonder if it will really be a Mio figure, or other character from K-ON! But I think it should be Mio, because she carries the fighting spirit of keionbu. And she also has the largest fanbase that even won her the title of the Top Anime Wife.