Summer 2009 Anime List UPDATE

Summmer 2009 Anime List

Some new series and OVAs have been announced so here comes the appendix to the previous post about Summer anime season.

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I’m very pleased by the announcement of another Negima OAV, and especially by its name, Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, which means Another World. I think it’s enough for Negima readers to understand where this OVA will take place, and it is a good news. I just wonder how much of the ongoing action from that magic world will be covered, because standard OVA length can’t be enough to go through up to the tournament finals.

Next OVA I will probably watch is Akane-iro Hardcore. Still, I don’t expect any development in relatioships and think it will just be some okawari (seconds, meaning another serving) of ecchi scenes, as the title “Hardcore” implies.

Utawarerumono OVA is something that I just can’t miss, but I wonder what it will be about since they ended the series in an indelible way. It will probably be some filling to the series.

Nodame Cantabile also on my watchlist, but its turn can’t come earlier than I will have watched Paris Hen. And the same applies to Minami-ke, haven’t even seen the second series.

Concerning the regular series, I am really curious what Weiβ Schwarz anime will be about. You might have heard about Weiβ Schwarz trading card game, so I’m wondering if it will be related somehow. Judging from the name and the description, it should be.

Another interesting addition to the list might be NEEDLESS, but I won’t pick it to watch, mainly because of my dissapointment with Shangri-La.