Hayate no Gotoku Popularity Contest

Katsura Hinagiku

In the latest episode of Hayate no Gotoku, episode #14, a popularity contest was held before the real episode started. These are really official results of a survey by Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine. People voted for their favorite character in Hayate no Gotoku and the results are not much surprising.

Nagi must have been really disappointed about it, but I don’t think that anybody could have believed that she would win. Sorry about it, Nagi.

So here are the results:

#1 Katsura Hinagiku – 4185 votes
#2 Maria – 1814 votes
#3 Sanzenin Nagi – 1776 votes
#4 Ayasaki Hayate – 1366 votes
#5 Mystery Girl – 1005 votes
#6 Segawa Izumi – 905 votes
#7 Nishizawa Ayumu – 888 votes
#8 Aizawa Sakuya – 881 votes
#9 Harukaze Chiharu – 705 votes
#10 Saginomiya Isumi – 437 votes

At least, Nagi believed that it was just a nightmare. However, Ten no Koe assured us those were official results that were real. Real, hear it, Nagi!

Congratulations to Hina-chan!