Tsukasa’s Endless Retribution

Hiiragi Tsukasa

It seems that Tsukasa has been following the new season of Suzumiya Haruhi too. And what does she think about all those repeating episodes of Endless Eight. Maybe she will tell us. So, Tsukasa, would you show us your opinion on it. Any way goes. Just, somehow, display your feelings. Bring it out!

Hiiragi Tsukasa

She is trying hard. This is probably what you call “deep thinking”.

Hiiragi Tsukasa

She seems to have thought of something.

Hiiragi Tsukasa and KyoAni HQ

No commments necessary…

As for me, I’m not as angry at KyoAni as some people are. I can still enjoy it. It’s got good animation, characters’ clothes are always different, Mikuru’s night call to Kyon always makes me laugh… But still, I hope that the Endless Eight arc will be over with the next episode.

This is a short story photoshoot I did for Danny’s giveaway. At first, I wanted to use my recently acquired Moka, but I couldn’t think of any interesting photoshoot setting. Then I decided just to try to make something funny and I came up with this.