About Dating Simulator Games

Planetarian  -Chiisa na Hoshi no Yume-

I came across this interesting article about dating simulator games and related games at Japan Today, and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. This particular article is not far-fetched and tells virtually nothing but truth and facts. It covers the dating sims history, its expansion and distribution outside Japan (J-List is mentioned there for distributing eroge, nakige and other dating sims to the world). The article goes through the case about Rapelay too, and it tells what is most likely the truth.

I absolutely agree with the statement that many otaku play nakige (crying games) for that emotional side of theirs. I am one of such people, though I’ve played just a few such titles, namely Planetarian, One -Kagayaku Kisetsu he-, Narcissu, Planetarian, True Remembrance, and currently Kanon. But I loved them all.

The article ends with awesome words by a creator of dating sims for women.

“Dating simulators show us our dreams,” says Kurahana. “Love is a theme that has dominated entertainment from the beginning of human history. I just want to explore new ways of telling the story.”

Aren’t those words pretty?

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