Saimoe Tournament 2009 – Main Bracket

Saimoe Tournament 2009 Main Bracket

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Saimoe Tournament 2009 preliminaries have ended and the main tournament is about to begin. If I’m not mistaken, there is more Main Tournament participants than last year. About 390. They are divided into 16 groups, A1-H1 and A2-H2, and knock-out system is applied. Winners of A-H1 and A-H2 then compete for the advancing position. Which means that from one group, one character advances to the play-off. It will definitely be a fierce battle and I’ll try going through all the groups and predict their winners, though I doubt my predictions will be right. Well, maybe in some groups they will.

Group A1
As far as I know, Chiaki is quite popular in Japan, which should get her a lot of votes. Her opponent in the group final might be Asakura Ryouko from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She’s also popular after all. Then, who will advance further? Well, my prediction says Minami Chiaki. And I myself also want her to win.

Group A2
This is a little harder for me to predict. I guess that the final match in this group will be Sunohara Mei from Clannad or Kataoka from Saki against Nunnally for Code Geass. And the winner, probably Kataoka Yuuki. But as for me, I want Mei to win this group.

Group A – Chiaki Minami vs. Kataoka Yuuki
Unfortunately, I think Kataoka Yuuki will advance to play-off.

Group B1
This should be Tsukasa vs. Fuuko, in my opinion. And I guess that despite getting less votes than Fuuko in the same preliminary group, Hiiragi Tsukasa will go further.

Group B2
It would be extremely surprising if Akiyama Mio didn’t win this group. Her biggest oppponents will probably be Izumi Konata and Minami Haruka.

Group B – Akiyama Mio has astronomically high odds of winning. And I will also root for her ^^

Group C1
Hard to say, I don’t have a clue who might win this group. Tsuruya? Louise? Musubi? Who knows… Well, I say Louise. But I would like Miyazawa Yukine from Clannad to win.

Group C2
Final match Kyou vs. Kotomi, both from Clannad. It would be very stylish. However, I think it will become Kyou vs. Tsumugi. No matter what, Fujibayashi Kyou probably has the upper hand here.

Group C – somebody from Group C2 will win this. Most likely Fujibayashi Kyou as I’ve said. Go Kyou!

Group D1
No extra big names here, except Hirasawa Ui. That’s why I think she will win this group.

Group D2
Popular names like Ranka Lee, Hanyuu, Tsukamoto Tenma are here, and I’m lost. Don’t know. Personally, I would want Furukawa Sanae to win, but I know it won’t happen. My mere humble guess is Ranka Lee then.

Group D – I think Hirasawa Ui. It will be a chance to prove the powers of K-ON!

Group E1
This will be an interesting group. K-ON! will try to show that it has become the leading power in moe industry through Hirasawa Yui, while Hayate no Gotoku, Evangelion, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Clannad will try to resist with their competitors. Final battle will most likely be Yui vs. Hinagiku. I dare say that, though it will be close, Katsura Hinagiku will win. She is an extremely popular character as well, and Hayate no Gotoku is still airing, which is definitely a bonus for her. Hinagiku, fight for it!

Group E2
Another interesting group. I would like Tomoyo to win here, but there are also other candidates who could win. Kushieda Minori, Nishizawa Ayumu, Takara Miyuki. But still, I think that Sakagami Tomoyo will win.

Group E – final winner of group E? There’s no way of telling who has bigger chance of winning. It could be a fight between two friends, Ayumu and Hinagiku. It could turn out to be a match between a lazy and a hyperactive girl… My guess: Katsura Hinagiku.

Group F1
Kagami and Mikuru are in this group, however their chances are slender, judging from preliminary rounds. They are facing fresh popular girls, Aisaka Taiga, Kawashima Ami, and Maria. The final battle will probably be Maria vs. a girl from Toradora (Ami or Taiga). Although I would like Maria to win, I think that the winner will eventually be either Ami or Taiga. And I guess that Aisaka Taiga has a little bit higher odds of winning.

Group F2
The first round may decide a winner. Azusa is facing Index and whoever wins will most likely advance to the Group F finals. There will be only one obstacle waiting in the Group F2 final, Furukawa Nagisa. My prediction? Nakano Azusa has extremely large fanbase, so I guess that she will advance further.

Group F – If Azusa wins her F2 group, she will win the Group F final as well. That’s why I say Nakano Azusa will become the Group F winner.

Group G1
I’m not sure. Two months ago, I would say that Yuki will challenge Haruhi in the finals. But with that rage caused by Endless Eight, people might decide not to vote for characters from SHnY. Still, there is no other strong character in this group, and that’s why I think that Nagato Yuki will manage to advance further.

Group G2
A battle between two moe anime, K-ON! and Saki. Ritsu vs. Fukuji. Besides these, there are other strong candidates, Okazaki Ushio and Misaka Mikoto. I think that Mikoto is a black-horse of this group and that she will knock out both Fukuji and Ritsu. Winner: Misaka Mikoto

Group G – Since I’ve said Mikoto and Yuki will win their groups, I should choose one of them. Well, if it weren’t for Endless Eight, I would not think too long. But the consequences of Endless Eight make me think that Misaka Mikoto will win group G.

Group H1
One finalist is probably sure, Miyanaga Saki. However, who will be the second finalist could be an interesting match. Two main candidates are Sanzenin Nagi, and Ryuuguu Rena. But no matter which one of them will get to the final, I think that Miyanaga Saki will win.

Group H2
Very heavy group. There is one favorite, Haramura Nodoka, judging from the preliminaries. However, there are still many more tough competitors. Zange from Kannagi, and Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches in the left part, and Itou Chika and Miyamura Miyako in the right part. My guess is that the one most expected to win this group will become the winner, therefore Haramura Nodoka

Group H – I have guessed two girls from Saki to win H1 and H2, so I must guess one of them to become the final winner of group H. I really don’t know which one of them is more popular. My guess will be Haramura Nodoka, because she has got more votes in preliminary group and even beat Hiiragi Kagami.

I’m really looking forward to how the results will turn out in the end. I won’t post the results here, except of case of some major upset. Maybe I could tweet my opinions on the actual results on Twitter from time to time. So if you want, you can follow me.