Tony Taka’s Fault! Gets Anime Adaptation


Well-known artist Tony Taka’s latest illustration work “Fault!”, which is set into tennis background, will get its anime adaptation. Although it has been released less than two months ago, the first episode of this ero-anime is due to 27th November. This news comes from CottonDoll sites, which will be producing it.


According to the site, the first episode will be released on DVD and cost 7140 yen. The animation looks pretty well done, judging from the picture on Cottondoll’s sites, so if they keep up with that level, there shouldn’t be any animation quality issues.

Something about Tony Taka now. He’s something like an idolised artist, an illustrator ace, whose works are of the best quality. He is mainly a character designer and has worked on various games. Besides that, he has produced a few artbooks, and many excellent doujinshi of amazing level.

Katsura Hinagiku

There are many characters from popular anime in his doujinshi. He has made doujinshi based on Hayate no Gotoku characters, Bamboo Blade characters, or characters from Clannad. The games he has worked on are for example Shining Wind, Shining Force, Genmukan, or Sora no Iro. The last mentioned has been turned into anime and has become a huge success.


What I really like about his style is the usage of soft colors, which don’t strike your eyes. They are gradient and diffuse well, hence the illustrations have pretty shading and look more natural, but unique as well. It is also most likely the easiest way to identify Tony’s artworks.

Kuwahara Sayako