Zoo Trip with Tsukasa

Week ago, I went to the zoo in my town, but I didn’t have time to post the photos because I didn’t have much time until now and wasn’t much at home either. Now I can finally share the pictures with you, before leaving home for another 3 or 4 days tomorrow.

Prague Zoo was heavily reconstructed after horrible floods in 2002. Now it’s said to be one of the best zoos in the world. And that’s all thanks to many people and companies that contributed to the reparation and construction of new pavillions.

The atmosphere of the zoo is awesome. There are parts where some animals can even move as they wish, with no fences or other things that would limit their space of movements. Because of this, there are said to be cases where some monkeys paid a visit to houses in neighborhood and surprise the people there. However, they always returned back to the zoo.

African enclosure. Looks amazing.

Suricate. This photo is priceless.

There were lots of people everywhere, so I couldn’t take photos with Tsukasa in the end. I was afraid that she might get hurt, or worse, someone might run away with her. So there is just this one lunch photo. Piadina Quattro Formaggi, an italian crispy flatbread filled with four cheeses.

A great view of Prague.

Lucky to come to the seal pool in time of their show.

I like flamingos. They are impressive.

I love tortoises and turtles. This is Galapagos Tortoise.

Or is it Giant Tortoise? They are easily mistaken for each other.

Gharials, also called gavials.

Great camouflage.

Like I have said, the atmosphere there is amazing. It’s an ideal place for a walk, even if you have no intention of watching animals.