International Saimoe League – Double Elimination Begins

Shinku and Suigintou

Don’t forget today is the first day of Double Elimination and support your favorite characters in their endeavour to become the queen of moe, and get the tiara for the winner. Their paths are thorny and the way they have to fight surpasses your wildest fantasies. After all, it’s extremely hard to make people worship them, and gather such a large base of followers that will ensure them victory ^^

Nice gibberish I’ve spewed there XD Now, to the point. There is 16 contestants left in the Double Elimination Play-off. The Double Elimination is a tournament with the top 16 ranked contestants over the entire Regular Season. Double-elimination style involves a Winners’ Bracket and Losers’ bracket where contestants must be defeated twice to be removed from the competition. The winner of the Postseason will be awarded the Tiara.

First Round bouts: Shana vs. Horo , Kagami vs. Rin , Suigintou vs. Mikuru , Suiseiseki vs. Kyou , Tomoyo vs. Nanoha , Hinagiku vs. Fate , Shinku vs. Haruhi , Yuki vs. Taiga.

Besides Double Elimination, there is also Relegation Tournament going on. As far as I know, it’s a table-style tournament, where everyone faces each other, which means there will be 13 rounds. 5 highest ranked competitors will advance into the ISML 2010.

Go vote for your girls then.

Katsura Hinagiku

And remember to support Hina, and also Fate-chan, and Tomoyo. Oh, easy to say, but hard to do, because Hina faces Fate in the first round… What shall I do? ^^’