JIMANG – La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~

Ushiromiya Kinzo

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ending Single, La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ by JIMANG, was released three days ago. About time. I love that song and I had been looking forward to the full version very much. JIMANG’s voice is that kind of voice you either love, or hate. And I’m one of those who love it. The song itself has good, alternating pace and is emphasized by awesome background choruses. Atmosphere fits pretty well into the anime, as you can feel that longing for Beatrice.

Well, which side do you belong to? Loving, or hating?

I don’t guarantee for lyrics accuracy, because I’ve copied them from here and haven’t seen the CD booklet yet. I’m too lazy to transcript it into romaji now, maybe later I’ll edit this post.

この夜が終わり 我は何を求む
追憶は残酷に 嘲笑うわ…

闇を切り裂く欲望(Oh Desire) 拒むなかれ愛しい者(ひと)よ
逝ける場所なき 欲望(Oh My Prayers) 最後の狂宴(うたげ)よ
我心(やみ)を引き裂く欲望(Oh Desire) 叶えたまへ愛しい魔物(ひと)よ
赦されなき欲望(Oh Desire) 今宵愚者共を汝に贈ろう(sacrifice a sheep to a god)

この夢が終わり 汝(うぬ)は何を想ふ
憐れみの詩歌(うた) 蔑みの微笑
追想は永遠に 廻るだけ

魔力(やみ)を崇める欲望(Oh Desire) 拒むなかれ愛しい物(ひと)よ
往ける場所なき 欲望(Oh Desire) 奇跡の狂宴(うたげ)よ
恐れ(やみ)に戦く欲望(Oh Desire) 探したまへ愛しい童(ひと)よ
諦めなき欲望(Oh Desire) 今宵好餌を汝に贈ろう(sacrifice a sheep to a god)


地獄(やみ)を切り裂く欲望(Oh Desire) 鳴く事なかれ愛しい生贅(ひと)よ
生ける場所なき 欲望(the Man of Sorrows) 誓いの狂宴(うたげ)を
絶望(やみ)を愛でる欲望(Oh Desire) 抗いたまへ愛しい未来(ひと)よ
誰が…為の欲望(Oh Desire) 今宵褒美を汝に贈ろう(sacrifice a sheep to a god)

The single sells for 1,260 yen and you can get it at CDJapan.

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