Pettanko Thursday – Shinobu, Kaolla, Nyamo

Maehara Shinobu

Okay, first I must say that I almost forgot that today is Thursday and wanted to post something else. But fortunately, I realized it when I was about to write that post. Now, we could call this Pettanko Thursday episode “Akamatsu Ken Day 1”. Yes, Day 1. There will of course be a Day 2 sometime later, because Akamatsu’s harem is large in numbers.

Maehara Shinobu

This will be Love Hina exclusive, and first comes Maehara Shinobu. 13-year-old girl who has decided to stay at Hinata Inn Girls’ Dormitory, instead of living with quarrelling parents. Her strong points are cooking and doing all the household chores. However, she is not really good when it comes to dealing with her love troubles. Shinobu is quiet and pretty shy, and it’s very hard for her to express her feelings. Furthermore, she is very caring which even aggravates her emotional fragility.

She’s got crush on the dormitory landlord, who is a very funny guy, but she thinks very highly of him. A few years later, at the end of manga, it is apparent she has adopted violent tendencies, typical of another dormitory tenant.

Shinobu was rated the second most popular character in the manga by readers.

Kaolla Su

14-year-old foreign student Kaolla Suu has moved from an island in the Pacific to Japan, where she lives in Hinata Inn. In her country of origin, she is the princess, but you couldn’t tell that from her behavior. She often walks or rather jumps around barefooted and she seems like a monkey to me. Her favorite way of spending time is kicking the landlord Keitarou, constructing robots that are likely to turn out to be very dangerous, and trying to eat various things.

Kaolla Su

Her aim is to establish a computing school in her homeland, which she wants to become a technological power that could compete with Japan.

Kaolla can take on a more adult figure of herself, when the moon shines red. Her chest becomes a bit rough, and she is not a pettanko anymore in that state.

Nyamo Namo

Nyamo Namo, a mysterious girl from mysterious island Pararakelse. She looks just like Shinobu, and the only difference is that Nyamo is sun-tanned and has longer hair. Even their mind seems to be identical, as Nyamo is quite shy, too.

As she lives on an island in the Pacific, her pet is also very rare. It’s a giant tortoise, and when I say giant I mean very giant, and she calls it Gidget.