Shimapan Bag – ideal bag for otaku

Shimapan Bag Light Blue

Those otaku, who want to carry their things in an otaku bag, but don’t have the guts to carry a bag with some animated female character, can find a compromise. This striped bag is absolutely ideal, because for a regular person, this seems like a completely standard bag. However, almost every otaku will consider it not as a regular bag, but as a striped pantsu (shimapan) bag. It’s like a hidden message. What’s good about it is that as the bottom of the bag is dished, it quite resembles pantsu in shape, so it leaves the impression of shimapan better. I wonder what other things could get “shimapan treatment”. Maybe a shimapan cap might work too.

Shimapan Bag Navy Blue

The bag is made of strong canvas, and handles are made of rope. If you were interested in getting this bag, you can buy it at J-List for $16.00. There are 4 colors available, light-blue classic, navy blue, pink, and black.

Shimapan Bag Pink

Shimapan Bag Black