Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Beatrice T-shirt

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Beatrice T-Shirt

A lovely T-shirt from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, which I got the day before yesterday. On the front side, there is a portrait of the Golden Witch, Lady Beatrice, which hangs on the wall above the staircase in the Ushiromiya family’s mansion (in anime it hangs elsewhere).

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Beatrice T-Shirt

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Beatrice T-Shirt

On the back side, there is a scary-sounding epitaph that is displayed below the portrait in the game and anime. It talks about a resurrection of witch, mass murdering, and Golden Land. This epitaph plays an important part in the story of Umineko. You can see yourself what atrocious things it tells of.

My beloved hometown, the sweetfish river running through it.
You who seek the Golden Land, follow its path downstream and seek the key.

If you follow the river downstream, you will find a village.
In the village, look for the shore the two will tell you of.
There sleeps the key to the Golden Land.

He who lays hand upon the key shall travel under the rules below.

At the first twilight, you shall lift up as sacrifice the six chosen by the key.
At the second twilight, the surviving shall tear apart the two who are close.
At the third twilight, the surviving shall praise my honorable name on high.
At the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.
At the fifth twilight, gouge the chest and kill.
At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.
At the seventh twilight, gouge the knee and kill.
At the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.
At the ninth twilight, the Witch shall be revived and none shall be left alive.
At the tenth twilight, the journey shall end and you should reach the village of gold.

The Witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures.
One shall be, all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be, the resurrection of the souls of all the dead.
One shall be, even the resurrection of the lost love.
One shall be, to put the Witch to sleep for all time.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice.

It is the translation that was used for the English patch for Umineko visual novel. You can also find it at the site of Witch Hunt, group that makes English patches for Umineko.

Here is the original, Japanese version of the epitaph.