Anime Quotes Database

People die when they are killed

I believe there were times when you told yourself: “Oh, that XX, he had such an awesome remark. What was it again?” I bet it has happened to most of you. To me, it has. And not just once. At such times I would say that a database of anime and manga quotes would have helped. Now, one such database has been created. Check it out here! database is divided into four parts, most memorable quotes, meaningful quotes, romantic quotes, and funny quotes. But you can also browse all the quotes by anime titles. The number of quotes is quite outstanding and it keeps growing, of course.

You, too, can lend a hand and contribute to the database by submitting a quote. Help it growing!

So, next time you want to remember a quote from anime and it just won’t come to your mind, you can try looking at database.

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