Happy Moe Day!

Did you know? Today, we’re celebrating the Moe Day. Do you ask why today? Well, take a look at the kanji character for word “moe” . If you take it apart you can get four parts which, if put in the right order, will give you the date October 10 in kanji, 十月十日.

Lately, I’ve noticed that fall has come and has begun changing the scenery around here. That’s why I am delivering you these fall-themed moe pictures.

Speaking of fall, do you like this season? I am not really fond of it. It’s just a transient season that beckons winter, which I don’t like. Wintry days are cold, so you have to put on a lot of clothes. And when you enter a warm place wrapped up like that, you usually don’t have where to lay off your coat or whatever so you sweat like a pig.

On the other hand, winter is the season of Christmas. And romantic atmosphere, they say. Yes, the scenery is romantic, when you see it from the warmth of your room. But how can you find it romantic when you are outside and you’re freezing to the bone? Hmm, I don’t know, but I still like winter better than fall I think.

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