Fate/stay Night gets recapitulating OVA

Fate/stay Night

Alongside the Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works movie, which is coming to cinemas in January, F/SN will get a 2-episode-OVA that will recap all the 24 episodes of F/SN TV series in 2 hours. Each episode, 60 minutes long, will be released individually on both DVD and Blu-ray discs. The first volume will cover the episodes 1-12, and the second volume will then cover the rest, episodes 13-24. Both volumes will ship on January 22, one day before the premiere of Unlimited Blade Works movie.

There will be new openings and endings featured in the OVA. Re-recorded version of the song “disillusion” with a new arrangement will be used for the opening of volume #1; video sequence will be redone completely. Both volumes will have new songs as their endings: TV reproductionI ending is to be performed by Jukai feat. Tainaka Sachi, TV reproductionII ending by Tainaka Sachi alone.

I’m not that excited by the idea of cramping the whole story into the span of 2 hours, but I’m looking forward to the new and reworked songs.

Source: ANN