Finnish Santa Claus comes to Japan

There is still about a month to go before Christmas, but Santa Claus has already arrived in Japan. Apparently, he left his reindeer and sled at home, as he came on a Finnair flight from Finland. How he got from the North Pole to Finland is, however, unclear. Santa will appear at many Christmas events across Japan during his tour that will end on December 24. His schedule comprises visits to kindergartens and nurseries, where he will give presents to children.

Santa at Narita Airport

Santa comes to Japan every year by this time to take part in charity work and promote the Finnish airline. When he’s not on a tour, he has his hands full with replying to the letters from children around the world. The airline say he gets about 500,000 letters a year. Quite a horrifying number, isn’t it? However, I doubt he himself replies to all the letters, as he would have to write about 1,350 letters a day. That would mean writing one letter every minute, with only 90 minutes of rest per day ^^’ If the Santa in question is not a mecha, he is undoubtedly not capable of performing such a demanding task.

Source: Japan Today

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