Hatsune Miku – clock lock works

Hatsune Miku

“Clock lock works” is a new vocaloid song that EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Super Nova had Miku sing. It was uploaded to NND three days ago and now it occupies high spots in the rankings. The music part was done by hachi, and the video was made by task・utsushita. I don’t really know why, but I really like this song. Maybe because of that cute melody.

The translation is in the video description, but for your convenience, I’ll copy it here.

Pappara I indefatigably work hard
Ro Do Ro Do Ranranra
Same thing different day
I found myself lost my way like a stray cat

Some people are trying to change with someone else somewhere
Ma No Ma No Ranranra
Nobody cares but
I chased numbers 24/7

Deep inside my heart the door is locked
“Ridiculous” telling myself,
I ignored the knock

“Nothing will change” letting it go,
I get rushed by the stopped clock hands
If it’s a dream, I’ll gratefully
“Wish upon a star” I said seriously

Tick-tock Work, you stupid soldiers
Gattan Gattan Ranranra
Make a choice, ready, set, go
I found myself become pitch black like junk

Even if morning switched with night
No Ma No Ma Ranranra
Nobody would care but
I greedily chased numbers

From behind the door voices are faintly coming out

“I have no choice” drawing my knees,
I quietly swore in the corner of the room
I don’t care where, just take me out of here
But a prince wouldn’t come

“Good evening, Good morning.”
Someone said from behind the door
“You don’t need to unlock it.”
“You can still hear my voice, can you?”

I don’t wanna hear such a story
I said no! Don’t talk to me
I’m begging you, please don’t go anywhere else
Stay by my side and let me hear a story

“Nonsense” pretending to lie,
I still want someone to notice it
It’s too cold to touch
I couldn’t touch it forever

As I work in the coffin,
I don’t wanna say “It’s not a big deal.”
The clock hands move to the end of time
A gentle knock makes me cry

Be grateful to motokokusanagi2009 for translating the lyrics.