ISML 2009 Winner – Katsura Hinagiku

ISML 2009 Winner - Katsura Hinagiku

International Saimoe League 2009 is over and we know the winner. It’s Katsura Hinagiku from series Hayate no Gotoku! Yay! She defeated Shana in the final round 2117 vs. 2106 votes, so it was a very close match. But Hina has won and that’s what is important. Nobody will ask how big was the vote difference a year later.

ISML 2009 Winner - Katsura Hinagiku

We can also take a look at the vote distribution. Shana won in majority of countries, but still it wasn’t enough for the total win. She came on top in Japan (56.82% of votes), Canada (50.78%), France (60.66%), Germany (59.18%), Hong Kong (57.38%), Italy (71.88%), South Korea (59.70%), Poland (69.51%), Russia (51.06%), and Mexico (56.82%). Hinagiku won in Australia (51.92%), Brazil (53.73%), China (51.87%), Malaysia (65.15%), Philippines (53.03%), Taiwan (61.19%), Thailand (62.22%), and UK (63.79%). In USA, it was a tie.

The final ISML standings:
1. Katsura Hinagiku
2. Shana
3. Sakagami Tomoyo
4. Nagato Yuki
5. Fujibayashi Kyou
6. Fate Testarossa
7. Aisaka Taiga
8. Hiiragi Kagami
9. Suzumiya Haruhi
10. Tousaka Rin
11. Asahina Mikuru
12. Suigintou
13. Horo
14. Takamachi Nanoha
15. Suiseiseki
16. Shinku

ISML 2009 nomination phase began in January, so there aren’t any characters from this year’s anime series. Characters such as Akiyama Mio or Senjougahara Hitagi are highly expected to make an appearance in ISML 2010. Well, there’s no doubt they will.

I’m very glad that Hinagiku won and received the imaginary Heavenly Tiara. Shana is also one of my favorite characters, but I gave my vote to Hina. I felt she deserved it more, but I can’t really say why. Maybe she’s a bit more complicated and intriguing character than Shana. Anyways, more people thought that Hina deserved to win, and that was reflected in the result.

ISML 2009 Winner - Katsura Hinagiku

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