Mizuki Nana Ranks in Top 10 Weekly Chart for 10th Time

Mugen by Mizuki Nana

Mizuki Nana’s recent single Mugen, which is her 20th single, ranked #3 in top 10 singles weekly Oricon chart. It is her 10th single CD to make it into the top 10, and 9th in a row to do so. Mugen ranked best in daily rankings on October 31 when it came out on 2nd place. So far, it has sold over 45,000 copies.

Single Mugen contains 4 different songs. “Mugen”, which is the opening theme from the 2nd season of anime White Album, “Tenkuu no Canaria”, which is the opening from Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe’alla hen, “Dream Dream”, ending song for TV program Card Gakuen, and song “Stories”.

If you were wondering what are the other 9 Nana’s singles that ranked in the weekly Oricon top 10, they are, chronologically, Innocent Starter (MSLN OP), Eternal Blaze (MSLN A’s OP), Super Generation, Justice to Believe/Aoi Iro, Secret Ambition (MSLN Strikers OP1 ), Massive Wonders (MSLN Strikers OP2), Starcamp EP (contains OP, ED from Rosario to Vampire), Trickster (contains OP, ED from Rosario to Vampire Capu2, and a great song Trickster), and Shin Ai (White Album 1st season OP).