What Japanese women google when they type in husband

What phrases do show up when you type in 夫 (husband) in Japanese Google? It’s something that will definitely displease any man. The popular phrases don’t include anything like “I like my husband” or “How to make my husband happy”. Japanese women, or let’s say wives, are eager to find information on quite different matters.

Searches, ordered by count
I hate my husband
“Husband depressed” or “Shoot my husband”
Unemployed husband
Husband’s spending
Husband’s average spending
I wish my husband would die
How to call husband
Annuity after deceased husband
Husband verbal abuse
Formalities regarding husband’s death

The results are definitely very pessimistic. Hatred, homicide, death, money. At least a few phrases are normal, such as “how to call my husband”, “formalities regarding husband’s death”, and though “husband verbal abuse” isn’t something you could call normal, it’s not something one can blame them for.

And what do men search when they type in 妻 (wife)? Well, there are a few abominable phrases too, but at least they are not on the top.

Present for wife
Wife – not yet registered
Ranking of presents for wives
“Wife depressed” or “Shoot my wife”
Birthday present for wife
Liquor for wife
Ranking of birthday presents for wives
How to call wife
Hysteric wife
Wife humble language

This proves that men try hard to find a good present for their female partners. Or you could also say that they are helpless and clueless when it comes to presents for women ^^’ Either way, they show some effort at least.

The word “wife” returns more optimistic results than the word “husband”. There’s no doubt about it. Women are far more “dark” when they look up the word “husband” on the Internet. However, the source of their antipathy might be again the word “husband” in many cases, which would somewhat justify their feelings of repulsion.