Wrist Cutter on NND Live Broadcast

Nico Nico Douga Wrist Cutting Broadcast

Click on the picture for uncensored version

In the early morning of November 25, a girl used Nico Nico Douga Live Broadcast system to show her wrist cutting shenanigans to public. The viewers were dumbfounded by the expressive sight and commented on the video in dismay.

The main and unsolvable problem is that the live broadcast cannot be moderated in real-time, which leads to misuses such as in this case. NND responded that they ban the users who abuse the live broadcast system by spreading such inappropriate and atrocious videos. However, they can only deal with it after the incident, and that’s too late, unfortunately.

Sadly, in case such videos kept appearing, it might evoke a lot of protest against the live broadcast, and maybe even against NND in general. It would be very lamentable if some deranged freaks caused a serious trouble to NND.

Source: Rocket News

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